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Finally logged on. It's amazing how hard everything becomes when you have nothing to do, even things as simple as checking and replying to email, phoning people or eating. I've got scads of things I should be doing, hardly any of them onerous, but it all seems like too much effort. For the last couple of weeks I've only been acting as a result of external forces. Luckily, my life contains a reasonable number of those, so I still see friends and go out most days without having to arrange anything at all or make any decisions. These are good friends to have.

Have steadily been becoming more and more irritated by the fact that all of my pairs of jeans have become baggy simultaneously, and started hanging off my hips and showing my pants. This may or may not be currently fashionable, though I suspect that even if it is, the aforementioned pants are supposed to be Calvin Klein rather than Marks and Sparks. Anyway, each pair of my trousers has been individually subjected to diffuse yet sweary abuse for this failing, and it was only last weekend that the analytical nugget of my unemployment-addled mind kicked in and said something along the lines of 'One pair of trousers growing is happenstance, two is coincidence, but three is enemy action', which I took mean 'It'll be you getting thinner, dimwit.'

One problem with my current living situation is that I'm going to be the shortest and heaviest in the house no matter what I do, barring limb-loss (and I suspect we'd be talking more than one) or cremation, so I'm not used to worrying about the wisdom of my eating habits (instead outsourcing this task to tinyjo). I'm not interested in food, really, so (for example) my last shopping trip consisted of me buying 5kg of Tesco's Economy oats, 2kg of Tesco's Economy dried fruit, 3kg of Tesco's Economy plastic cheese, 750g of Kitchen Magic Coconut and Green Chili Sambol, 4L of diet tonic water and 90 multi-vitamin tablets, and thinking "Barring bread and milk, that's my month's food shopping done, then. Sorted." However, I suspect that any weight loss is simply my body settling into this my current 'minimal input, minimal output' lifestyle. I'm just glad that the lack of daily bicycle commute seems to have been canceled by out the lack of a daily cooked lunch, so I'll be looking lean and lupine rather than slovenly and cetacean in those job interviews I'll be having Real Soon Now...
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