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Well, I've done (won?) NaBloPoMo by making a journal post every day this month. I'm pleased that I succeeded, but even more pleased that it's over because I've found it really hard work. I had a vague hope that the discipline might help me overcome my lack of focus and tendency to procrastinate, but sadly this has not proved to be the case. Over half my entries were completed, and often started, after midnight on the day they were due (and hence technically in the following day, but I say it still counts if I haven't gone to bed yet.) Staying up late to blog may therefore have a net negative effect on my mental acuity, at least in the short term. And while I'm quite pleased of the fact that I've been writing and with some of the stuff I've written, that looming obligation has certainly blighted a few of my evenings, and I'm not sure how to work out whether it's worth it. Unfortunately, it's only deadlines and tasks like this (self-imposed or otherwise) that get me to produce anything creative at all. That's probably a sign of something but I'm not entirely sure what, so I fear that this exercise has not provided the illumination I had hoped for. Well, it's told me that I take this shit too seriously, but I was all too well aware of that already.

I'll end with a quote from the often baffling, occasionally enlightening Nintendo Project:

I want to create art because it surrounds me. Not because it is inside of me.
That has and had resonance for me, but again, I'm not sure what to do about it. Sleeping on it would probably be a good first step, though...
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