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Fighting the power

So, no sooner have I joined a union but I'm called out on strike. Obviously I had deemed this likely when I joined, but it's still going to be an interesting new experience for me. At least tinyjo, as a member of the ATL and (hence) veteran of a previous strike, will be there with me to tell me what to wear and when to chant. Being new to this, I even had to ask my union rep what I should put on my 'out of office' reply. Am I obliged/allowed/encouraged to mention the strike, or should I just say I'm not in? I'm not even sure how 'out' I'm supposed to be about being in a union at all, and my experience with playing werewolf is that you really need to check the rules before saying anything. The upshot seems to be that it's up to you, though you're requested not to tell your manager in advance (to make it harder for them to mitigate your absence), though that's not really relevant in may case, as they'll cope without me for a day. Oh, and you have to fill a form afterwards asking for your pay to be docked - all very civilised. I wonder, will I return fired with revolutionary fervour, or damped by the suspicion that I am just paying both sides to bicker and grandstand? I guess we shall see...
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