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Not the best of weeks...

Part IV: Kicked While Down

So I got back home, earlier than expected. archie, with whom I live (in a very heterosexual way) was in the kitchen. "Guess what", I said. "You've lost your job", he said. I berated him for always thinking the worst. He apologised. I told him that I'd lost my job. The implications of this began to hit home. I was the one paying the electricity and gas bills, my housemates' rent and council tax when necessary, and stealing toilet rolls from work to feed Lorna's insatiable habit. I was going to have get re-employed fast.

Not, however, so fast that I couldn't begin the weekend that I planned earlier than I'd anticipated, and so I retired to bed with my shiny new laptop and fired up Arcanum. It was fun. So much so that I stayed up until 5:30 in the morning playing it, breaking only for a quick meal of Hot and Sour noodles (28p from the Chinese supermarket, delicious, and they count as a meal!) Then I wrote a mother's day card (luckily I had one lying around that I'd bought for her last year, not sent on time, and then been too embarrassed to send late) and posted it, so it should at least arrive only a day late. Set my alarm for 11:30 and went to sleep.

Woke up feeling OK. Renewed my library book by phone. Ordered Mother's Day flowers for Mum and stepmother Isabel (something I've never gotten around to doing before) and called my sister for a long chat. Nothing too taxing, but at least it was constructive. I felt that I was rising above the minor set-back of unemployment rather well. Ate a lump of cheese for lunch, which reduced the amount of food I had in the house to 2 and a bit jars of Kitchen Magic Coconut and Green Chili Sambol ('Ring-stingingly Good') and a quarter of a bag of oats. Resolved to do some food shopping, but instead went down the pub with housemates Archie and Lorna and our mate, Lorna's boyfriend Duncan, drank a jug a bitter, ate some rather good jacket potatoes, and discussed Lorna's neuroses, all very nice.

At home, watched 'Black Books' (funny, if a little patchy) and 'Reboot Series 1' (a bit shit actually, but it gets much better) with Archie, then went to bed (not with Archie. Obviously.) Fired up the laptop, of course, and got back to Arcanum. And it crashed. Horribly. Blue Screen Of Death saying 'I have crashed horribly. I will now write the contents of memory to the hard-drive' or words to that effect. I left it chugging. Eventually, it came up with a message saying 'If this has happened before, trying booting into safe mode and disabling any dodgy hardware you've got installed. If not, just reboot.' I just rebooted.
Operating System not found.
Shit. Reinstall time. Again. Rebooted from a DOS boot disk with fdisk on it.
Hard drive not found.
Shit. Tried going into the BIOS.
Hard drive: None.
Shit. Tried Windows ME (spit) recovery disk.
No hard disk found. Cannot continue setup.
Shit. Tried Linux boot disk.
No suitable media found for installation.
Shit. Having nothing better to do, I went to sleep.

Woke up. Read book. Slept more. Went for a meal in the Radcliffe Arms with tinyjo. OUSFG came round, including sparkymark who had somehow heard that I had lost my job and brought me the DVDs of the 'Scream' trilogy (none of which I have seen) to watch on my laptop to cheer me up. I thanked him, then laughed a bitter laugh.

So, off to London tomorrow, I guess, to wrestle with warranties and shady shops. iFgnre srcsoes.d..

Current site: None. Sitting here at the Oxford University Computing Service, which I'm almost certain I'm strictly speaking not supposed to be using. Still, they've got net access. Given the epic nature of my news, and my unwillingness to get up before two this afternoon, I'm spending all my time here writing not surfing. Missing my job already.
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