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Morning pages

This year I made a resolution to write daily morning pages. The idea is to start the day by writing for about 20 minutes, on any subject you want in principle, though mine always end up being about the previous day. I've tried doing them before, and normally managed to keep them up for a month or two (with the odd gap), before falling behind, making a few pushes to catch back up, and eventually stopping altogether. However, this time (much to my surprise) I've managed to stick to it, even though this has surely been the most disrupted year I've ever had: (e.g. our house was knocked down and rebuilt, I spent three weeks commuting into London to an epidemiology course, and I presented at (and helped run) my first conference.) Sure, there were two or three days where I just did a perfunctory couple of lines, but others when I wrote for an hour, and it's averaged out at 776 words/day, which is 247,479 words in total(!)

You see, while the original morning pages concept suggested that you write long-hand, I've been typing mine on my phone instead. Not only is this quicker, easier, more comfortable and more convenient than writing with a pen like some sort of animal, but it means that I can then analyse the results, and there are few things I like more than recreational data analysis. However, it's late, so for now I'll just present a wordle of the results:
Wordle: 2011 to date...

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