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Nearly normal

I have another comics recommendation today: Subnormality. This one's hard to describe: it's normally funny but it isn't a gag strip, it's packed with detail and references, and it's not afraid to experiment. I want to describe the typical subject matter as 'social commentary in the medium of urban ennui with light surrealism', but fear that makes it sound pretty awful, so maybe I should just offer this strip as an example, in which a chick discusses the nature of fashion with her friend, The Sphynx. The artist also likes making the most of the internet's infinite canvas to do some really cool stuff.

Rather than rambling any more I'll link you to a few favourites:
Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe
The Atheist Apocalypse
If The News Media Was A Person

And one final example:

Oh, and I should warn you that they all have alt-text comments if you hover over them.
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