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Daily Cereal

I read a lot of webcomics. They're ideal for leavening the day, like having sweets in your desk only healthier. I'm assuming that everyone has at least encountered XCKD and Daily Dinosaur Comics, (if you haven't, you should), but there's one more which I enjoy as much but doesn't seem to be quite as ubiquitous: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. It's along similar lines as the aforementioned, in that it deals with a wide range of geeky topics and is great. However, this one actually includes proper drawings (sometime a lot of proper drawings), and yet is pretty much daily and consistently really funny. Here are two favourites, which demonstrates a characteristic approach which you might call 'high-concept puerility':


And here are a few others that I've bookmarked, with suggested targets:
If you like it, there's an LJ feed here: smbc_comic.

Oh, and you know that feeling when you're ploughing happily through the archives of a newly-discovered comic and then suddenly realise that you've been missing a whole other extra joke in (for example) the mouse-over text? If so, you'll thank me for mentioning that there's always a bonus panel if you hover over the red dot at the bottom left of each comic (and note that this doesn't appear on the feed).
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