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I've had better weeks...

Part I: A False Sense of Security
Saturday 3/3/02
Birthday party in London for my mate Becks. I met her at LMH and we got on, though we often have conversations wondering why exactly this is, her being an insufferable Tory yuppie, and me being... well... the opposite, I suppose (and profoundly hope). Put it like this: when she was a student, she had a book on 'Power Sleeping'... Still, tinyjo and I went to her party which was about half people from college (including Steph, my ex-girlfriend, now pregnant and married. Which is slightly unnerving.) who were fun to meet up with again, and half people Becks knows from the Naval Reserves, who were more-or-less all oafs. She's one of these people who are cool themselves, but have a lamentably broad taste in friends. I ended up coping by drinking rather too much (though not to a problematic extent), encouraged by the deliciousness of Jose Cuervo's Margarita Mix. Jo and I stayed the night, but so did a number of the navy boys, so it wasn't hard to leave the flat early for the tech shopping we had planned.

Sunday 4/3/02
Wandered round looking at tech in the big, faintly seedy shops on Tottenham Court Road. Having established that my old laptop's CD drive was likely to be hard (read monstrously expensive) to fix, I realised I had two options:
1) Spring 100 or so quid for an external USB CD drive.
2) Spring significantly more for a new laptop with a working CD drive, and preferably the specs to display DVDs, burn mix CDs and play the latest (well, latestish) games.
The solution was obvious. *Sigh*.
Found an ex-display model that seemed to fit the bill (Athlon 1.1GHz, 128 Mb RAM, DVD/CD-RW drive, 10 Gb HDD, AGP graphics card, etc.), did a bit of internet cafe research to ensure that it was a good deal for £999 (how did we survive before net cafes?) and decided to go for it. Jo was kind enough to do the actual paying, allowing me to pay her in installments and I wandered home happy. So far, so good.
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