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Well, congratulations to fiddlingfrog! I'd set up yesterday's recommendation with an eye to following it up today by comparing and contrasting another epic deconstruction that I've been enjoying. Obviously I had done so extremely well, because in the comments fiddlingfrog recommended the very site I had in mind: Reasoning with Vampires. This is a similarly entertaining and obsessive deconstruction of an awful series of books, in this case The Twilight Saga, but stylistically it is very different. Though Dana certainly doesn't shy away from addressing the many problematic themes, she more frequently focusses in on the (also problematic) grammar and language use, and it's all presented in a simple, elegant, and frequently rather gorgeous cut-and-paste style:

Tagged: If it's the Underground sort, it can. rough, angry, honey velvet a new fabric that'll bring you to your knees, rough velvet if you please Velvet short answer: no

Her commentary (and especially her tags) are hilarious and unashamedly reference-dense, and the intersection of grammar pedantry (underpinned by an obvious love of English) and feminism gives me great pleasure.

In other news, in an attempt to snap myself out of my current mental slump I have resorted to extreme measures: shooting myself in the face with electromagnetic radiation specifically designed to emulate the output of a massive fusion reactor from space. (i.e. I bought an SAD lamp.) I have no idea whether it's going to be of any use, but I did feel slightly less sluggish today, so I can but hope... Also, I've just realised that these two paragraphs are tied neatly together with a theme of sunlight, though I'm afraid my lamp causes me neither to sparkle nor catch fire.



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Nov. 6th, 2011 01:20 pm (UTC)
I was pretty convinced by a Bang Goes the Theory segment about the mysterious third receptor in the eye—optimized for knowing whether you can see daylight, it is activated by a blue wavelength that most digital and fluorescent light sources lack (since they simulate light blue with a combination of red, green, and blue). The upshot was that (a) your SADD lamp needs to be genuinely full-spectrum, not just appear bluish, and (b) you need it in the mornings and should shun it in the evenings.

I don‘t see how someone can take vampires who do not combust in sunlight seriously.

One day I should do a story about how a girl with a SAD lamp discovers its full-spectrum glare contains the wavelength that ignites the undead.
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