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Oddly enough

My taste in entertainment is quite predictable: I like surprises. As a result, I'm far fonder of, say, The Mighty Boosh (where each episode lurches between shit, baffling and hilarious) than of things that are more consistently good but also more predictable. In fact, I'd sooner watch 'Star Trek: Voyager' on the off-chance that it's going to be one of the entertainingly awful episodes than 'Next Generation' being reliably bland. With this declaration/warning in mind, you may wish to consider listening to Warhorses of Letters

It's the sort of program that you might dream, or that Charlie Brooker might invent: Napoleon's horse and Wellington's horses exchange love letters. It stars Steven Fry, and hot gay horse-on-horse action, and I really can't decide whether it's any good or not. But I am glad that it exists. I like surprises.
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