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Where does he get all those wonderful toys? (www.firebox.com, actually)

John at work is playing around with his new digital camera. Forty quid, takes 20 reasonable resolution photos, and it looks like a toy. Not in the sense of cleanskies's pink plastic Barbie camera, but because it's the size of your thumb. If your thumb is wide and rectangular. OK, it's about the size of three of my thumbs put together, or about a quarter of one of Fisto's. I was briefly jealous, before I realised I probably wouldn't actually use it that much, if I did it'd just fill my hard drive with poorly composed pictures, and I don't actually need stuff more than money. It is neat, though.

Day off tomorrow, hanging out with tinyjo, getting my laptop's CD drive fixed (I hope) and then reviewing MacBeth in the evening. Should be fun. See y'all Monday, and for the love of goddess, don't write too much over the weekend. What with LiveJournal and NTK to catch up with on Mondays, I don't get any work done at all.
Hmmm... Now I come to think about it, that's no bad thing. Go ahead and write a shed-load.

Current site: The police log of Arcata, California. Terse descriptions of the police's activities, in a curiously addictive style. Who could resist Stoned souls harvested by the Grim Ranger?

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