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Lost in music

I like music. In fact, I reckon that music, reading and friends are the most important things in life; arguably the only important things. Therefore, if I recommend music to all my friends reading my LiveJournal, I have combined all my favourite things into one.

The White Stripes
I'm listening to their new album 'White Blood Cells', and it's great. Raw, bluesy, quirky, rocky, yum. Unfortunately, every time I listen, I mentally kick myself for missing their gig in Oxford just before they became big. I'd heard 'Fell In Love With A Girl' on the radio once and noted them as a band I really had to keep an eye and ear open for. Then I heard that they were playing 'The Point', a small room above a pub (now sadly closed, fucking brewery) and nearly went, but didn't bother in the end. Aargh! My bragging rights for having liked them before anyone else in England would have been incredible. I just hope they play the Zodiac next time they're in the country.

The Breezeblock
Every Monday, between 12 midnight and 2am, Mary Anne Hobbes hosts 'The Breezeblock' on Radio 1. It's past my bedtime (though if you're in some weird time-warped country like the mythical Americaland, this may not be a problem) but I still tend to stay up for it because they play stuff that no-one else does, including half-hour long, pure music mixes by interesting people (Arab Strap's sticks in my mind as having particularly amazing.) For example, last Monday's featured a mix by DJ Chilli Gonzales, who I'd never heard of (though I had heard 'Return of the Sugarplum Fairy', his mix of 'Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy' from 'The Nutcracker' which has been played on The Breezeblock), but which completely rocked. The finale of him 'duetting' with Whitney Housten on 'Greatest Love Of All' was... incredible. Oh, and Mary Anne Hobbes is the most enthusiastic DJ I've ever heard. Every night, at least one thing is quite literally the most magical thing she's ever heard, which I find charming.

Cartel Communique
Checked this out after seeing the link in B3ta and I've been listening all afternoon. Cartel Communique is a net radio station taking advantage of the medium by playing the most bizarre home-made remixes known to netdom. Ever had the urge to hear Slim Shady rap over the theme tune to Grange Hill? Ever wondered what the fuck 'Can't Get Xmas Out Of My Lines' by Kylie, Wham and Grandmaster Flash would sound like? Ever dreamed of a mix blending Nirvana, The Undertones and Tom Jones in just one 30 second segment? No. Of course not. But these people have. A bizarre preponderance of Kylie, Slim Shady and shitty Christmas songs thus far, but some genuine originality. You really won't hear this anywhere else, because if it ends up at all famous the creators will be sued until they bleed.

Fuck me. Just as I was writing that last paragraph, Cartel Communique started playing a tune I recognised: a track mixing the 'Eastenders' theme with clips from the programme, most notably a chorus of "You bitch" "You cow". I first heard it at the Monastery Of Sound gig a few months ago, and was sufficiently impressed to mention it in my LiveJournal at the time, and now I know it's called 'Pat & Peg', apparently by Cartel Communique themselves. Cool.

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