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30DMM: Sweet

Day 5: Your favourite female singer

In contrast to the previous question, a number of possible answers to this spring immediately to my mind's ear. I have a vague fear that this implies some underlying sexism in my attitudes towards music, but hopefully it's just a matter of taste. Of course, it might be that the music industry is to blame, and it's simply harder to get a contract for, say, mumbly electronica if it's a lady doing the mumbling. I hope not. (Dammit, now I'd quite like to hear something like that now, and no bands are springing to mind. Does anyone have any recommendations?) But back to the original question. My choice has, in fact, done some electronica-y stuff, and it was through her work in that genre that I originally encountered her, back when Pandora internet radio was still available in this country. Its infallible algorithms determined that I (or maybe it was originally archie) would like her, and they were correct, like all science. Her singing style, however, is pretty much the opposite of mumbling: so sweet and pure and precise. She is Regina Spektor.

This is probably my favourite track of hers: Fidelity. I've listened to it on repeat many times, but when she sings 'Suppose I never ever met you', it unfailingly breaks my heart, just a little...
Regina Spektor - Fidelity.

And if that's a little too saccharin for you, here's the aforementioned electronica: Edit
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