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30DMM: Aspirational

Day 4: Your favourite male singer.

This is an interesting question, and not really one that I'd considered before. A mental straw poll suggests that the majority of the tracks I like have a male vocalist, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're my favourite singers. Indeed, often the voice is being used more like an additional instrument than as a centre-point; as, in fact, at least two thirds of my previous selections demonstrate. So I tried a few approaches to this question looking for an angle that would give me a clear answer, and ended up asking myself "Who would I like to sound like when I sing?" Put like that, the answer is clear: Neil Hannon out of The Divine Comedy. He has an enviable knack of sounding detached and urbane yet emotionally affecting. Also, by all accounts he's charming as well as talented, so a pretty good choice of musical hero.

This is probably my favourite song of theirs: Lost Property

I saw them do cover this one live at Glastonbury and it was awesome: No One Knows
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