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Everybody wants to be a DJ

Mike and I DJed at Panic on Wednesday, as promised. We were unnerved by the fact that our slot was 11:00 (Indie Music Society president: "I figure I can trust you not to cock it up"), so all the people who turn up just before 11 (to get in cheap) have just arrived, and all the people who turn up at about 11:20 (after the pubs shut) experienced us as the beginning of their clubbing night. Luckily, we rocked. We turned up at 10 to be 'trained', which consisted of standing around drinking, chatting, and eating jelly sweets for an hour, then 20 seconds of the lovely blonde DJ girl in the booth with me and Mike showing us which faders and buttons were which, and we were on. Minor problems:
- Silence for 5 seconds until I realised that Mike had pushed the wrong fader (which he claims was a result of me telling him that it was the right fader. As if.)
- <1m visibility for a few minutes as a result of me misunderstanding the functioning of the smoke machine, which apparently switches on when you press the button and doesn't switch off until you press it again. Who knew?
- Everyone stopping dancing because they didn't recognise Mike's choice of '40 Guys in 40 Nights' by The Donnas. Mike's little face fell, but they soon realised that they were wrong to not have heard of it and started dancing again. Of course, by that point it had nearly finished, being only 2:10 long. Ah well. As Mike said, play it a couple more times and they'll learn to love it.
- A somewhat inappropriate quiet bit, when 'The Man Don't Give A Fuck', which we'd been building up to, started rather more sedately than we had remembered.

However, offset against this was the unparalleled thrill of watching everyone jump up and down to songs of your choice, beg to be told what they're called, and collapse with dry ice poisoning. Next best thing to being in band, and it only requires 20 seconds' practice.

It was tinyjo's birthday, which I hadn't realised when begging for the chance to DJ, so I felt a bit guilty, but she seemed to enjoy herself, and I promised her a proper birthday meal at some point when we're not so busy (which at this rate, could be ages. Hectic social whirl, doncha know?) Still, I played 'Sleep On The Left Side' for her (it reminds us both of lying in her college bed in the early days of our relationship, listening to the Cornershop album. Ahhh...) so what more could a girl ask? (Hugs and tea, mostly.) Very fetching she looked too, jigging about in her sparkly top.

And now, that historic half-hour set list in full:

'Sleep On The Left Side'Cornershop
'Don't Falter'Mint Royal (Feat. Lauren Laverne)
'Underground' (sans first 5 seconds)Ben Folds 5
'The Impression That I Get'The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
'Lump'The Presidents of the USA
'40 Guys In 40 Nights'The Donnas
'Animal Nitrate'Suede
'Fell In Love With A Girl'The White Stripes
'The Man Don't Give A Fuck'Super Furry Animals

If you've not heard of any of these:
a) We are indier than thou.
b) Get on Morpheus and listen to them.

The ImSoc committee seemed to approve, so we could well end up doing this again. I hope so. The rest of the night was pretty good too, though the ever idiosyncratic last half-hour was a bit nu-metal for us, and with the exception of the ever-hardy liriselei, we bailed out at about 1:40. Wandered back with Mike chatting about this and that (an impending year in Russia is weighing heavy on his mind) then made it home, triumphant, by 2. Bloodshot eyes, ringing ears, an inexplicable cut on my hand and a headache the next day, but it was worth it.

Oh, and I did go for the 'Hung Like A DJ' t-shirt idea in the end. Couldn't miss an opportunity like that, now, could I?

Current Site: Four Bitter Guys. Their current lead story's quite fun ('Microsoft releases Office for Gameboy Advance'), though I've not explored much of the rest of the site yet.
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