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Gap style

Last Thursday: Intensely soppy Valentine's Day. First time I'd bought flowers for someone I'm not related to, I realised. I'm such a cad. Still, now I know that they work, I guess I'll have to do so more often (with one eye on the law of diminishing returns, natch.) The atmosphere was heightened by the rather marvelously charming Buffy musical episode, which was even better than I expected, even though that was what I expected. Buffy: the 'geeky' show you don't have to make excuses for.

Last Saturday: The first OUSFG banquet that I can remember all of. Beautiful women in eye-catching costumes, sparklingly witty conversationalists and people able to debate the works of Ballard or theories of mind, occasionally all in the same package; well, shit, it's enough to make one smug about one's peer-group. It's really neat, this not drinking too much. The novelty of being able to remember entire evenings has yet to wear off.

This Wednesday: Me and Mixmaster Mike are DJing at Panic, the Oxford University Indie Music Society's indie/alternative club night. It's only a half-hour set (11 - 11:30, i.e. just when people start turning up, having been chucked out of the pub) but needless to say, will be worth the entrance fee itself. And a drink of choice for each of us afterwards. Either that, or we will be completely hapless (neither of us actually having done anything like this before, and both of us considering vinyl to be in same category as handwriting (once useful to all and you can still do some neat stuff with it, but basically obsolete)). Time will tell. Prospective t-shirt slogan: 'Hung Like A DJ.'

Current listening: one of those combinations, like Red Bull and tequila, that sounds dubious but is, in fact, delicious. Simply take 'Don't Panic' by normally-too-whiny indie-merchants Coldplay (the one that goes 'We live in a beautiful world') and 'This Is Your Life' by The Dust Brothers (the one from 'Fight Club' with Brad Pitt shouting 'YOU HAVE TO GIVE UP. YOU HAVE TO GIVE UP. YOU HAVE TO REALISE THAT SOME DAY YOU WILL DIE. UNTIL YOU KNOW THAT, YOU ARE USELESS.'). Play them back-to-back, on repeat, all day. Ideal work soundtrack, I reckon. Fuck your head before someone else does.

Current Site: B3ta. A bloggish links site whose existence I was sorely tempted to conceal, so I could pretend that I'd found things like the French Flash animation with accompanying song about a rabbit with a gun, or the surprisingly tense Russian roulette game on my own. Still, information wants to free, and by pointing people to sites that point people to cool stuff, I rise up the meme-chain. Alpha-surfer-dom beckons...
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