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Was tempted to put a rant about how shit Word is, as I've just spent a couple of hours trying to debug search expressions that were failing thanks to Word, not my logic. Then I realised that it would only compound the time I've already wasted to spend additional time complaining about it. Also, no-one reading would care. Which made me realise that the reason why no-one would care is because it's not worth caring about. Thank you LiveJournal for reminding me of this fact that should, frankly, have been self-evident. Keep a LiveJournal, keep perspective.

I blame my uncharacteristic emotional involvement on the sword of Damocles currently hovering over my desk. I suppose, in a sense, that it's good that I was frustrated as it implies that I have succeeded in persuading myself to care about work, which seems to be improving my chances of actually doing it. I should write a job-advice book called 'Giving an Artificial Shit' (though perhaps I'll wait to see if I still have a job after my meeting on Thursday).

This discovery of a concretish use for my LiveJournal reminded me of a conversation I had with tinyjo the other day, about who we're writing our journals for. She said she writes hers primarily for herself, whereas I feel I write mine for others (though you probably wouldn't know it from this post (and that's my point, I suppose. I feel like this post is being self-indulgent, which is ironic, what with it being in my on-line diary, for fuck's sake.)) Obviously she is aware of her readership, just as I feel that LJ is of benefit to me, by persuading me to do something creative, however minimal. Still, I see this mainly as an opportunity to record and share anecdotes about my madcap existence (which is why I tend not to mention tinyjo that much, as I don't feel that entries like 'Went to see Jo. She cooked a delicious meal. We hugged a lot. It was very nice.' fit into this self-imposed remit.) Is this an introvert/extrovert thing, or what? Hmmm...

On rereading, I feel the need to insert some kind of 'I know this is bollocks' type disclaimer. This'll have to do.

PS. LJ spell-checker alternatives to 'tinyjo' include 'dinky', 'tongue', 'banjo', 'ninja' and 'stinky'.

Current Site: Conclave Obscurum. Flash-heavy but good!? See what you think.


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Jan. 29th, 2002 10:14 am (UTC)
What's that Pixies song, before I forget? Like, what album's it on?

I write the Livejournal for myself *and* for others. I liked cleanskies' description of it as a 'socializing tool', so there's that aspect to it (it's not quite a bulletin board, not quite a direct email).

It's also the sort of thing I mean to do for myself -- thinking about the days rather than just letting them go by, reflecting on them somewhat, and hopefully putting down something worth reading by others too. I don't think the 'other' aspect of it is as important to me as the 'self' aspect; at least not in terms of hoping that people comment favourably on it or anything.

And finally, it's also a work displacement therapy tool! Mutual and all round, of course. I like reading it and hence feel duty-bound to help add to others' distractions too.
Jan. 30th, 2002 06:09 am (UTC)
What's that Pixies song, before I forget? Like, what album's it on?

I'm listening to it as an mp3 ripped from 'Death to The Pixies', the 'best of' album lent me by Adrian 'Monster' Cox with the intention of furthering my musical education (or at least extending it back into the past)('It's educational!'). According to Google, it's originally from 'Trompe Le Monde'. I'm now trying to decide if I should just get my own copy of 'Death to The Pixies', or buy the individual albums? What do you reckon? FYI, I was particularly partial to 'Debaser', 'Dig For Fire', 'Nimrod's Son' and 'U-Mass'...

Good points on the uses of LJ. I realise that my initial separation of its direction into 'self' and 'others' was too polar because the two are inevitably interlinked: if you like others reading it, then that's a benefit to yourself; and if you were just doing it for yourself, you wouldn't webbify it, or would make all the entries completely private. I wonder if:
- I would do it if no-one could read it. (Probably not. Never kept a diary this long before, and I think part of the reason is that I had no external motivation to do so.)
- I would do if if no-one I knew in Real Life read it. (Maybe. It'd be less fun, though.)
Jan. 30th, 2002 06:51 am (UTC)
Oh, okay -- I haven't got Death to the Pixies myself, only the albums. The albums are definitely worth it, but the b-sides of the singles are great too, so I would suggest, er, both? Actually, scratch that, you already have mp3 versions -- go for Surfer Rosa and Doolittle.

Trompe Le Monde is good too -- I do actually have it, I think, but obviously have blanked that particular song. Maybe only on tape or something.

As for your points on would you do LJ if a) or b) -- I think I would *not* in either case. But only probably not.

Did I mention that LJ is also good for my basic HTML training? Otherwise I use Dreamweaver and don't have to touch any HTML myself...
Jan. 31st, 2002 06:58 am (UTC)
Suddenly remembered that I'd mentioned something like this before in my journal. I do think it's an introvert/extrovert thing and I think it shows up elsewhere too - e.g. my brain - mouth link, and the fact that when I'm grumpy I want to complain about it to people whereas when you're grumpy you tend to withdraw more.
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