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Was tempted to put a rant about how shit Word is, as I've just spent a couple of hours trying to debug search expressions that were failing thanks to Word, not my logic. Then I realised that it would only compound the time I've already wasted to spend additional time complaining about it. Also, no-one reading would care. Which made me realise that the reason why no-one would care is because it's not worth caring about. Thank you LiveJournal for reminding me of this fact that should, frankly, have been self-evident. Keep a LiveJournal, keep perspective.

I blame my uncharacteristic emotional involvement on the sword of Damocles currently hovering over my desk. I suppose, in a sense, that it's good that I was frustrated as it implies that I have succeeded in persuading myself to care about work, which seems to be improving my chances of actually doing it. I should write a job-advice book called 'Giving an Artificial Shit' (though perhaps I'll wait to see if I still have a job after my meeting on Thursday).

This discovery of a concretish use for my LiveJournal reminded me of a conversation I had with tinyjo the other day, about who we're writing our journals for. She said she writes hers primarily for herself, whereas I feel I write mine for others (though you probably wouldn't know it from this post (and that's my point, I suppose. I feel like this post is being self-indulgent, which is ironic, what with it being in my on-line diary, for fuck's sake.)) Obviously she is aware of her readership, just as I feel that LJ is of benefit to me, by persuading me to do something creative, however minimal. Still, I see this mainly as an opportunity to record and share anecdotes about my madcap existence (which is why I tend not to mention tinyjo that much, as I don't feel that entries like 'Went to see Jo. She cooked a delicious meal. We hugged a lot. It was very nice.' fit into this self-imposed remit.) Is this an introvert/extrovert thing, or what? Hmmm...

On rereading, I feel the need to insert some kind of 'I know this is bollocks' type disclaimer. This'll have to do.

PS. LJ spell-checker alternatives to 'tinyjo' include 'dinky', 'tongue', 'banjo', 'ninja' and 'stinky'.

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