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Is it a mistake to combine finance and whimsy?

To: [adminstrators of a pension scheme I paid into for a few months 9 years ago]

Reference no: [redacted]

Good afternoon,

I've just received my statement of benefits for this scheme, which
estimates that by 2042 I can expect a pension of £20.00 a year. Granted,
if all goes to plan, by 2042 I'll be living in space within a brand-new
robot body, but that kind of money won't even cover the cost of having the
micro-meteorite dents buffed out of my shiny metal chest-plate.

I would therefore like to close this account, either by transferring it to
my current pension (I am with [current pension scheme], if
this is meaningful and relevant) or by simply withdrawing the money. I
would be grateful if you would let me know what options are open to me.

Tags: money
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