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All is revealed

As promised, the answers to my earworm quiz of a couple of days ago, underneath the cut:

  1. While shopping for a new curtain rail (i.e. watching tinyjo shop for a new curtain rail) I found myself muttering "Got a letter from the government the other day, opened it and read it, it said they were suckers". What is our new curtain rail made of?

    A: The curtain rail is black steel, by John Lewis. The track is 'Black Steel' by Tricky.
    Congratulations to phlebas, timscience and snowking.

  2. On the way home from the vet's, I realised I was singing "'Hey!' said the devil, when I met her at the roundabout." What sort of patient had arrived as we were leaving?

    A: She was a go-o-olden retriever (from 'Golden Retriever' by SuperFurryAnimals).
    No one guessed this outright, I'm guessing thanks to the obscurity of the song rather than the crypticness of the connection. Half a point to monkeyhands for bothering to Google.

  3. I went to the kitchen in work to grab a snack, and returned singing "A few times I've been around that track, so it's not just gonna happen like that". What snack was I holding?

    A: That shit was bananas (B-A-N-A-N-A-S). That song was 'Hollaback Girl' by Gwen Stefani.
    Again, no correct guesses. I can only assume that you were all more successful at blotting this song from your mind that I have been. monkeyhands' Googling nets another half point.

  4. Whenever my lovely ex-boss talked about spending time with her family, I'd end up singing "Oooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?" In which county do her parents live?

    A: If I were to accept anecdote as evidence, my ex-boss's tales would prove Devon was a place on earth (from 'Heaven Is A Place On Earth' by Belinda Carlisle).
    Apparently the easiest one. Points go to brixtonbrood, concourse, phlebas, timscience, sparkymark and snowking. Half a point to shinyredtype for getting the song.

  5. I was reading 'Time and Again', about a man who time-travels back to New York of the 1880s. The narrator was marveling at how inhabitants of the modern world don't realise how quickly and profoundly some aspects of city life have changed. I soundtracked this (rather trite) revelation with "These days everybody gotta talk like they got something to say, but nothing comes out when they move their lips, just a bunch of gibberish". What particular aspect of life in the city was being considered at the time?

    A: The answer is traffic. New York's streets used to be crowded with horse-drawn vehicles, but these days motherfuckers act like they forgot about drays (from 'Forgot About Dre' by Dr. Dre feat. Eminem).
    I can't really blame anyone for not guessing that one...

  6. The other day I fixed an Access query by explicitly casting a variable using a Visual Basic conversion function. For the rest of the afternoon I was singing "I asked Bobby Dylan, I asked The Beatles, I asked Timothy Leary, But he couldn't help me either". What variable type was I converting to?

    A: The type is currency, and they call that function the CCur. The Who spell it 'The Seeker', but actually that gives a syntax error.
    Three-quarters of a point to sparkymark, who guessed 'CChar' which might well also have set me off...

  7. I occasionally find myself singing 'The Sharif, he don't like it' when using Windows XP. What have I right-clicked to prompt this?

    A: Lock the taskbar! Lock the taskbar! (from 'Rock The Kasbah' by The Clash).
    As guessed by brixtonbrood, tortipede and phlebas

  8. Bonus roleplaying round
  9. Having fought some wild boars, our party met their owner, who explained that she was on her way back from having them 'serviced' when they went crazy and ran off. The conversation ran as follows:
    "So they were actually wild sows, then?"
    "Unless she's a really incompetent pig farmer."
    Naturally, I started singing "I've got something to put in you, I've got something to put in you." What was the (cleverly modified) chorus of this song?

    A: Gay boar! Gay boar! Gay boar! (from 'Gay Bar' by Electric Six).
    Well done to brixtonbrood, and half a point to snowking who nearly got there...

  10. When a party member falls in combat and you're not sure whether or not they're beyond help, it's good form to give them a shot of a healing wand anyway. Naturally this leads to a rousing chorus of "I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride". What's the next line?

    A: Our policy is indeed that party members should be wanded, dead or alive (from 'Wanted, Dead Or Alive' by Bon Jovi).
    Nearly everyone got this: brixtonbrood, satyrica, phlebas, timscience, sparkymark, shinyredtype and snowking (and sparkymark, but he knew already).

So, congratulations to joint winners phlebas and brixtonbrood! If I were to draw any conclusions from this it's that you're all old, as it was songs from the eighties that most people twigged. I'd do this again, but these were gathered over several years so it might be a while before I build up enough...
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