Drifting in and out of consciousness (oxfordhacker) wrote,
Drifting in and out of consciousness


No matter how much time I have available to get something done, I'll always actually do it at the last minute. This leads to problems of the sort that I'm suffering now, where before jinty, tortipede, bluedevi and LiveJournalless Dan came round to dinner I had loads of time, and now (entirely predictably) they've just left and I've got next to none. Nevertheless, I have a backup plan. After all, part of the point of starting NaBloPoMo was to force me to post stuff that's been lingering on my PDA long past the point of relevance (I'm not really selling this, am I?), and, hopefully, actually to get it finished. It is in this spirit that I present my diary from the first day of my trip to Burning Man, taken in 2006, written up in 2007, and posted now (albeit back-dated). I've got a few more days written up too, so I'm sure they'll be posted next time I'm in this situation, and with any luck now I've started posting them I'll feel obliged to finish the rest. Without further ado: Burning Man Diaries 1 - In which we arrive the country.
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