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Fuck. Just had my boss wander up to me while I was listlessly surfing whilst making a longish (15 mins, as displayed by my phone for any interested parties) personal phone-call to my girlfriend. It really couldn't have happened at a worse time. I just feel so foolish. The call, though pleasant, was entirely unessential; the surfing was boring, and was in fact serving only to distract me from enjoying the call. Oh, and I've not done much in the way of work today, because I spent most of my morning writing this review, and the rest of the day reading The Onion (which wasn't very good), crazy Christian sites and suchlike. Oh, and I'm planning to go clubbing until 2am tonight, which will have every chance of making me late in tomorrow. I really don't make it easy for myself, do I?

And of course, I have responded to my mistake by going to LiveJournal and whining about it. Shit. Maybe things will be different tomorrow...
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