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For the record...

Found a small twist of tinsel on my bedroom floor this weekend, from I know not where. My first thought was 'It looks like a fairy's pube.'

Currently editing the latest issue of Vox Sanguinis (which sounds like a goth band, I always think) which has an article on 'cherry buffy-coat syndrome'.

Just finished the excellent 'Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World' by Haruki Murakami, lent to me by Jeremy, who's yet to do me wrong in her recommendations of things I might like. Either we're very much in tune, or she's got very good judgement. Finishing left me with a melancholy feel, partly due to the tone of the book, partly a feeling I get whenever I read a great book, a sadness that it's over. A quotation from the beginning: 'If your confusion leads you in the right direction, the results can be uncommonly rewarding.' And one from the end: 'The world is full of revelations.' Both are better in context, of course.

tinyjo now has satellite TV. This seems good, at first, and we did have a fun Saturday slobbing out on her sofa watching telly all day. However, I could feel the law of diminishing returns beginning to set in, already. Sure, there were some cool music videos on MTV, but I saw Puretone's 'Addicted to Bass' and Pink's 'Coming Up' at least three times each, and though they are fun videos full of pretty women and half-way decent songs, I can't imagine wanting to watch them many more times. And I saw 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' twice, for fuck's sake. On the same channel both times. I fear that one day a month, say, will be more than adequate for enjoying the best that Sky has to offer (as long as someone's recording Buffy Season 6 and Samurai Jack, and they are.)
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