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Getting busy

As per usual, I've been meaning to post more but not getting round to it. Unusually, I have come up with a cunning three-pronged plan to encourage me:


What better way to motivate myself to post more frequently than to join the layabout cousin of the international phenomenon NaNoWriMo? Well, I couldn't think of one, so:


I've just been on Reading Week, the sort of holiday I kept trying to have as a child in spite of my family: I sat around for a week, doing nothing but chatting to friends, sleeping and reading. I didn't even go outside. It was awesome. On these holidays I always make notes on the books that I've read but don't then go on to do anything with them at all, not even keep them somewhere convenient as a reminder of what I liked and disliked. This time, I thought I could do a review a day. That's a week's worth of material right there. After that, I'll see how it's going, and either start reviewing other books I've read this year, or other things, or write something else entirely.


I think it was bluedevi who first introduced the concept of Morning Pages to me. The concept is pretty straight-forward: spend 20 minutes or so writing something each morning. Normally, I'd be horrified by the prospect of exerting more than the bare minimum of necessary effort in the morning, but actually it fits into my new schedule surprisingly well. Now that tinyjo is a teacher, she gets up much earlier than I need to. I was just going back to sleep for an extra half an hour, but that wasn't really very restful and I'd often wake up feeling worse than before. Instead, I can just roll over, grab my phone, and start typing while she's getting ready for work. The original source for morning pages suggests that you write them long-hand, but it was written in 1992 before long-hand became obsolete.

An awful lot of bullshit has been written about the benefits of this exercise, but for me it's as simple as getting me into the habit of writing, and feeling enthusiastic about doing it. Hell, in the past week I wrote [word count] 4367 words just as part of this exercise, which is probably more than I've written in a week since school, possibly since forever. It's early days, but I'm hoping this will make it easier for me to write other stuff too. I guess we shall see...
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