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Fun 'Sexy Breakfast' Facts

- I suspect that their single 'Dust' is the only single ever to have stolen bits from T. S. Eliot and 'Atari Teenage Riot'.
- It may also be the only one to include F. Scott Fitzgerald in the 'Thanks' list.
- They describe themselves on www.OxfordBands.com as 'All inhumanly pretty' playing 'loud dirty pop', and on www.LiveClub.co.uk as 'Glam Funk heroes storming around like . Glitter, sweat, suits and riffs, we've got more hooks than the Candyman, only not as scary. Imagine if David Bowie joined Muse and attempted some Funkadelic covers....now you get the picture.'
- These descriptions are reasonably accurate, in a self-promoting sort of way.
- They were described by the May 2000 issue of Drayton St. Leonard News & Views as 'a rock&roll band consisting of 4 young lads' who 'are all quite good musicians, and should perhaps turn the amp down a bit to let their talent show through.'
- There are (currently) five of them.
- Personally, it would be a lot easier for me if their lead-singer was a girl.
- Except tinyjo would probably scratch 'her' eyes out.
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