Drifting in and out of consciousness (oxfordhacker) wrote,
Drifting in and out of consciousness

Preserved Ephemera

  • 19:34 Power cut! We have only our PDAs, laptops, mp3 players, cats, each other, & a house full of books to entertain us. Lucky it's pub night, eh? #
  • 20:05 Power cut - minute 30. Books distract us from further rough-housing, but will my compulsive sarcastic Twittering break the uneasy peace? #
  • 20:23 Power cut - minute 45. Another Twitter, though my groin's still recovering from the book-slapping caused by my last. Suddenly,power! Phew... #
  • 22:43 I stick a glowing plastic parrot in my ear,grin & pass it on. I look like a futuristic junky,but really it's just a recording of us swearing #
  • 22:56 We're also oscillating a hand-held light-up gyroscope. 'Exercise has never been such fun' says the box. Strictly true, but I've had funner. #
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