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Gave up alcohol on Sunday. I periodically consider doing this, but this is, I think, the first time I've actually done anything about it. It's not like I'm never going to drink, you understand, just that I won't drink in the sort of social context that normally ends with me drinking too much. My primary reason for this is my memory. One of the first results of alcohol on me, after I get a bit merry but long before I'm noticeably (or at least obviously) drunk, is to blot out any memory of what's happening. Charmingly, my memory is kind enough to kick back in to record every bilious detail if I actually drink until I'm sick. These memory lapses are not only unnerving, as I continue to interact with people in my normal way with no memory of having done so; but also annoying, as it's almost like I'm off having fun without me. If I go to a party until 2 and all I can remember is that it was fun until about 11 and after that it's all a blur, I might as well have gone home and had an early night as far as I'm concerned. Also, as I don't seem particularly drunk, people can tell me things or make arrangements which I am completely unaware of the next morning, which is irritating for all concerned.

I was expressing this to my mate Mike at OUSFG on Sunday, and he related the following anecdote which I just had to steal share with a wider audience. It seems that earlier that week, Mike had been chatting with one of his college friends, recalling pantomimes they'd written together some time ago. Mike said, "Y'know, it's sad. You can remember jokes we wrote two years ago, and I can barely remember the essay I wrote yesterday." His friend replied, "You know what's really sad? You said exactly the same thing when we were in the bar last night."

The first test of this was on Tuesday, the weekly meeting of most of my peer-group in the Royal Oak, a public house. I succeeded in not drinking any alcohol, sticking to lime and soda (pints of course. I don't want people to think that I'm some kind of girl...) I did find that the conversation flagged a bit towards the end, which was unusual, but I put that down to me being somewhat tired and depressed, and a couple of those who tend to create conversation (eg. cleanskies) likewise. Dunno how long I'll keep this up, but it'll be an interesting exercise if nothing else...
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